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A Poem by Our Camper, Sam

Sam attended Camp Horizons as an Explorer camper during Summer 2012 and he wrote this awesome poem about his experience. We’re sure lots of you campers can relate! Enjoy!

I woke up one morning and turned on my lamp, and with a nervous smile on my face, I started off to camp.

I got to the stop and waited so long, to get on the bus and be out and gone.

I said goodbye to my parents and also my bro as the bus pulled up and it was time for me to go.

For the first few minutes I did not know what to do, until I made my first three friends Tyler, Darius and Hugh.

As I entered my cabin, I was the last one to arrive, I almost wondered if for these two weeks I could ever survive.

Day one of camp I got all settled in, as all of the fun and games started to begin.

Day two was fun for I tried something new… and I was sure SCUBA diving was the best thing i’d ever do,

Day three had come up and more fun would be had, for I went on the canopy tour and I sure was glad!

As the days flew by and next monday came, I was excited for the next week to start all the same.

Week two came by and boy was it fun! I never hoped it would ever be done.

The evening activities were fun and all that, with a great reminder to buy a racoon skin hat!

But sooner or later everything must end, as the days flew by Saturday came right around the bend.

I gave a few hugs and said my goodbyes, as we all left to live on with our lives.

The cold, rainy day very well matched my mood, as two great weeks at camp finally had to conclude.

But as those few weeks of camp fade into the past, know that your memories will everlast.

And although that for now your are sad and will have to make do… there’s always next year where camp will start anew!

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