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Tribute to the Wounded Warriors

On Sunday, May 27th, we attended the Tribute to the Wounded Warriors at Great Meadows Event Center in The Plains, Virginia! The objective was to raise money for Wounded Warriors and their families while the ultimate goal of the Tribute is to create a “National Wounded Warriors Day.” The event kept children entertained with a moonbounce and rock climbing while adults were kept entertained by music from a symphony Orchestra. A big thanks to everyone who stopped by the Camp Horizons booth! Check out a few pictures from our visit:

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“5 Things I Learned at Summer Camp”

In a Huffington Post’s blog post, Maya Rodale shared the 5 most important things she learned by attending camp in the summers as a child:

  1. How to go it alone.
  2. I learned how to play guitar, create stained glass, swim, and other stuff.
  3. How to write letters and maintain relationships.
  4. How to clean the toilet.
  5. How to thrive in routine.

To read the full blog post, click here!

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ACA’s Article, “Why Summer Camp Is the Best Place in the World”

The American Camp Association article, “Why Summer Camp Is the Best Place in the World,” written by Sophie Weil-Roth explains the magic of summer camp. We thought it was an interesting read! Click here for the full article!

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ACA’s Article, “Parking the Helicopter”

“Parking the Helicopter,” an American Camp Association article written by Audrey Monke, explains the disadvantages of the “helicopter” parenting style and how summer camp enables children to gain independence and make their own decisions. In this article, Monke states that, “At camp, campers have a support network of staff to help them work through challenges, fears, and problems that may come up. They never feel “alone,” but they feel independent from their parents, and a lot of pride comes from that independence.” To read the full article, click here!

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The Importance of Sleep-Away Camp Bunk Selection

Sleep-away camps can play a large role in a child’s emotional development by encouraging personal growth and leadership ability. An aspect of  sleep-away camps that encourages a child’s development of his or her confidence, self-esteem, and independence is the child’s bunk placement. Jackie Zuckerman touches on this subject in the American Camp Association article, “A Parent’s Thoughts on Sleep-Away Camp Bunk Selection” and discusses why it is important to resist the temptation to switch your child’s bunk.

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Check Out Our New and Improved Campfire Circle!

We’ve totally replaced all of the benches at the Main Campfire Circle and can’t wait for our first Opening Day campfire!

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Camp Horizons featured in Camp Business Magazine!

The magazine Camp Business recently featured Camp Horizons’ 30th anniversary in the May/June 2012 issue in their Industry News section on page 8. To view the entire magazine online, click here.

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