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Meet the Four-Legged Staff: Emma

Emma is a Pinto with a tobiano marking. A tobiano generally has four white legs and the dark color of the pattern is usually covering one or both flanks. Their spots are regular and distinct and extend down over their neck, chest, and/or shoulders. The mane and tail are usually a mix of two colors. Emma was born in 1994 and has been at Camp Horizons for many years. She stands at 13.2 hands and is one of the few horses at Camp Horizons that is a mother. In 1998 she gave birth during a storm and the foal was called Thunder.  Emma’s best friends are Pepper, Vinnie, Midnight and Tigger.

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Meet the Four-Legged Staff: Elvis

Elvis was born in 2005 and was named Blackberry when he came to camp in 2007. He was a small, skinny pony and prone to getting into trouble. We didn’t think he was suited to his name, so we re-named him Elvis. He is a Hackney Cross horse, which were bred in England to pull a carriage and are known for being brave, alert and friendly to humans. He is 14.2 hands and his best friends are Carmello and Charlie Brown.

Elvis being used for arts and crafts

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Choosing the Right Camp

We understand that all kids are different and have different wants and needs. “Choosing the Right Camp,” written by Joann Tupponce, is helpful for parents who are trying to decide which type of camp is the best fit for their child. Camp Horizons is listed as one of the camps in this article! Check it out by clicking here!

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Podcast 2: Cabins, Laundry, Food, and the Swap Shop

Click below to hear Camp Horizons’ 2nd podcast that contains information on a few things about camp that you might be curious about!

For a full transcript of the podcast, click here!

Thanks for listening! Keep a look out for more to come, and we’d love to hear your feedback if you have any!

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Meet the Four-Legged Staff: Diablo

Diablo, a deep chestnut Quarter horse, was born at Camp Horizons in the late 1990’s and stands at 16.3 hands. The Quarter horse is an American bred horse and is the most popular breed in the USA today. It got its name from its ability to out distance itself from other horses at a quarter mile race. Diablo was given his name (Spanish for devil) because he has such a red sorrel colored coat in the summer, and he has two whorls in the middle of his forehead which look like small devil horns, but our Diablo is more of an angel in our eyes! Diablo is the boss of the field at the moment and is always first in line for grain or hay. Diablo has some funny quirks: one of them is that when you blow up his nostrils he will tilt up his head and curl his upper lip in a “horse laugh.” Although the expression is amusing, it actually has a practical purpose. The posture is called flehmen, meaning testing, and it appears to help horses trap scents in the vomeronasal organs so they can be analyzed more thoroughly. Diablo hates fly spray and he is terrified of blankets.

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Podcast 1: Introduction

We are working on our first podcast series about Camp Horizons! Click below to hear our first podcast that contains introductory material about our mission and directors:

For the full transcript, click here.

Thanks for listening! Keep a look out for more to come, and let us know if there’s anything you would like to hear in future podcasts!

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Meet the Four-Legged Staff: Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown was born in 2003 and came to camp in 2010. Charlie Brown is a Welsh Pony Section A. This very old breed of pony is known for its small head, large eyes and good disposition.

Charlie Brown is a kind pony who loves everyone and gets along well with the other horses. His best friends are Elvis and Carmello and they are often seen running around the field causing all sorts of trouble and winding up the other horses. Charlie Brown doesn’t like puddles or getting shoes put on so he has his own pair of pony sneakers!

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Meet the Four-Legged Staff: Carmello

Carmello is a Palomino Haflinger who was born in 2001 and stands at 14 hands. Haflingers originated in the mountains of Austria where farmers bred for temperament and hardiness. Only horses who could be handled by all family members were kept and bred from and thus today’s Haflingers tend to be docile and friendly. Carmello is like a big puppy dog and will follow you around until you tell him to stop, especially if you have treats in your pocket. His best friends are Elvis and Charlie Brown and they like to see how much trouble they can get into! Elvis and Carmello have stalls next to each other and have a tether ball between them. They can often be seen playing tether ball together or just hitting each other on the head with the ball. Due to his size, Carmello’s not the most athletic horse or the best jumper, but he gives 100% to every jump he does.

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Meet the Staff: Jessi Gower

Jessi Gower, Counselor

Hi! I’m Jessi Gower and this will be my 10th summer at Camp Horizons (my 3rd as a counselor). I’m from Alexandria, Virginia and I attend VCU in Richmond. My major is Mass Communications and I have a concentration in Radio Broadcast Journalism. My passion for radio started in the Camp Horizons radio room! This summer, I will be in Performing Arts, mainly radio but doing a little bit of everything. Over the ten years I have spent there, Camp Horizons has truly become my home away from home. It is the perfect place to have amazing times with incredible people. Nearly all of my closest friends are from camp and I’ve formed friendships there that will last a lifetime. In addition to great friendships, camp also provides kids with super fun opportunities they typically wouldn’t get the chance to experience otherwise. Caving? Check. Scuba diving? Check. Horseback riding, tubing, running a radio show? Check, check, and check. And not only can campers do all these fun things, but they can do them while being truly themselves. That is probably my favorite part of camp. Every camper and staff member is free, and encouraged, to be totally themselves and they know they’ll be accepted and loved for who they are. I am beyond ready to “check my cool at the gate” and get summer 2012 started!

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A Summer Favorite: The Red Wagon

The red wagon is getting a rest before gearing up for a big summer of wagon rides! We love using the wagon for International Night, 4th of July and other special events. Campers and staff pile on, John or Kenny drives the big tractor, and we sing lots of songs as we make our way around camp. Can’t wait for summer!

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