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For Parents: How to Keep Camp Alive

Your child experiences learning and growth during their time away at summer camp. This doesn’t have to end when the summer months do! Sure, Camp Horizons’ atmosphere may be different from that of your home but it is easier than you think to implement and encourage organization, work ethic, new activities, and positive reinforcement within your household. In her article, Cari Meng gives examples of how you can transfer lessons from camp to your home. Check it out!

Bringing It Home: Using Camp-Learned Skills after Camp

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Feel Like You’re Forgetting Something?

Getting ready for school in the mornings can be somewhat chaotic and even though you’ve got your books, notebooks, pencils, and lunchbox, you may be letting the three most important things slip your mind! Peg Smith, the CEO of the American Camp Association, reminds us of these three essentials to take with you to school! These essentials are the “Three C’s” which include confidence, curiosity, and character. Watch her video for more information and remember that what you learned at camp this summer can go a long way.

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

The leaves are just beginning to change color on the Massanutten Mountain above us here at camp, reminding me that it is already fall. The sun is setting much earlier than our sweet summer sunsets over Lake Philippa. Even though I’m sad to see the summer end, there is a lot of excitement about fall! We are getting ready to host our annual Fall Reunion for campers and staff. This will be a fun weekend of camp activities including the Polar Bear Plunge into icy Lake Philippa (for those who dare!), camp activities, a Halloween Extravaganza, and a great time to catch up with friends.

Fall also means that it’s time to start preparing for another summer of camp. I’m asked many times “So, you work at a summer camp…what do you do the rest of the year?” My standard response is “Oh, we just sit around watching movies and eating bonbons.” But really, there is so much to do in preparation for a summer at camp. We are already working on our marketing and advertising plans, which include less print and more social media this year. We are beginning to form our leadership team and staff applications will be available next month. Plans are underway to attend three camp conferences this fall/winter where we can get great ideas from other camp professionals as well as training opportunities. Fall is also the time when we take a good look at the previous summer and decide what we want to change or repeat for next year. Campers are already registering for 2012, our 30th summer, and we have some exciting things in store!

We have launched this blog and a Twitter account (Camp_Horizons) , along with our existing Facebook page, so that we can stay in touch with our campers and staff year round. Please keep in touch!

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